ProImaging of MidAmerica

Welcome to ProImaging of MidAmerica

ProImaging of MidAmerica is an extension of the experiences, skills and personality of owner and principal photographer Alan Dooley.

The focus at ProImaging of MidAmerica is on creating top-quality images that expertly tell the stories of people, places and events. We understand that the best image requires much more than just technical skills and equipment; after all, the subject of the photo is the most important element of the final product.

By blending years of experience, the finest professional photographic equipment and a keen understanding of our clients’ needs, ProImaging of MidAmerica works to meet those needs, and to exceed expectations.

If you see images here that excite you, contact Alan directly at 618.719.9039, by email to, or via our contact page – he is ready to travel across the nation and indeed worldwide to meet your photographic needs.

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